Imagination Connoisseur and guest blogger, Willow Yang, may have figured out what’s really missing from THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.


Hello Rob,

This is a rough translation of a conversation that I had with my mom right before leaving to watch THE RISE OF SKYWALKER for the first time.

Mom: Are you going to watch FROZEN?

Me: No.

Mom: Why not? FROZEN’s very popular in China.

Me: I’m not that interested in FROZEN 2. I thought the first movie’s just okay.

Mom: Then what are you going to watch?

Me: Star Wars.

Mom: Didn’t you already watch Star Wars a couple of months ago?

Me: No, that was JOKER. Star Wars didn’t even come out until last week.

Mom: How am I supposed to know which movie came out when? What’s Star Wars about?

Me: It’s a little hard to explain.

Mom: Is Batman in it?

Me: What?!? Why would Batman be in Star Wars?!?

Mom: Batman’s not related to Star Wars?

Me: No!

Mom: Star Wars isn’t popular in China. At least Batman’s more famous.

Me: Yes, but Batman’s got nothing to do with Star Wars! They’re completely different things!

Mom: Is Star Wars about aliens?

Me: Yes.

Mom: I don’t believe aliens exist.

Me: I’m sure bacteria exists on other planets.

Mom: Bacteria don’t count as aliens.

Me: I’ve got to leave.

Mom: You’ve got a zit on your face.

Me: I know! You’ve already brought it up yesterday!

Mom: You’re eating too much chocolate. You’ve got a lot of internal heat.

Me: I’m going to miss the bus. Bye!

Having seen The Rise of Skywalker now, I must say that the movie could have done with a little more Batman.

– Willow

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