Imagination Connoisseur, Dieter Bastian, isn’t concerned with the business reasons for SONY’s split from Disney and the MCU. He sees plenty of opportunities ahead for both the Spider- and Marvel Cinematic Universes.

Greetings Rob,

Dieter here,

Wow, Rob had all his hands full to stop even his listeners from forming a lynch mob and storming the gates of Sony, after the bombshell dropped about Spiderman being out of the MCU and that no deal could be made with Disney about keeping the character on board. I already could hear the song “MOB RULES” from “BLACK SABBATH” playing in the background to the scenery of the Fandom taking down some corporate overlords.

Rob tried to keep his cool and give us all the ins and outs about the deal to get a clearer picture about wtf! is going on.

Of course, even I was in some sort of shock after the news dropped live on Robservations. But i am not writing in to give my opinions on who’s to blame. No, I am already at peace with it. Why?

Well, i try not to see it from the business side of things. Instead let´s look at it from a storypoint perspective? Would Spiderman leaving the MCU right now in the current state be that big of a deal?

For me, actually no. The story between him and Tony Stark has run its course and it played out marvelous.

Yes, there is some sort of Spidey taking over for Iron Man being injected in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, but considering that many didn´t like the Iron Spider approach and that Happy Hogan is only a third tier fiddle. to leave it behind could actually be a could thing.

Sony could easily be picking up a story, where the cliffhanger of the mid-credit scene has left us, without having to deal with any further kinds of connection to the MCU anymore. Of course, Tom Holland should still be playing him with all his known classmates.

And Marvel should have no problem to continue the Skrulls involvement from the after credit scene in some other shape or form.

So for me, if the split has to happen, do it right now! It´s a good point in my opinion just from a story perspective. It could be much worse later.

I know, the Fandom pitchfork people are afraid that Sony will drop the ball again considering their own last outputs with the character. And considering VENOM those fears are totally justified, because that movie was just trash and not in a good way. How VENOM could go on and make so much money is beyond my comprehension.

But what isn´t?

So Rob, I already have made my peace with this earthshaking headline. Have you?

Keep on swinging,
– Dieter B.