Imagination Connoisseur, Clive Hibbert, acknowledges that Bad Robot and Secret Hideout can make any kind of Star Trek they want. But should they?

Hail Rob, our Viceroy of Verisimilitude, Sommelier of Sci-Fi, Uatu: the Watcher of the Imaginarium.

Let me restate the obvious: Indulging in a conversation about science fiction/fantasy should be fun. If we’re talking about the Seattle Seahawks, Star Wars, skiing, sailing, Batman, the Lord of the Rings or the New Yankees we should immediately understand that the conversation should be fun.

Or taken with a grain of salt. We’re not trying to solve cancer.

We’re not trying to make more widgets. We’re just taking a break from politics, religion and work. The enmity Yankee fans have for Red Sox fans should always be rooted in fun. As a lifelong Yankees fan, I do not get a dividend when they win. And I have never personally impacted the end result of a game. No matter what hat I wear when Aaron Judge bats.

Your discussions about Star Trek are important to many fans all over the world. Including me. Your perspective is unique and essential. STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, THE NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE, VOYAGER and ENTERPRISE are culturally significant intellectual properties. As you stated, Star Trek was philosophically aspirational. It is rich in lore and does not need the injection of tropes from other franchises. I do not believe that JJ Abrams needed to abandon the core themes of Star Trek or destroy the Romulan homeworld to make Star Trek cool again.

Now, I understand that the producers of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY (ST:DISC) and STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD) have the creative and legal authority to produce whatever kind of Star Trek they are cleared too. If you like it, fine. But you should not fear criticism. You should just demand better.

Remember Rob. When they (your critics) hear your message, which is critical of the things they love, they simply double down. On the left and the right, the tribes fear being wrong. They refuse to give an inch to the other side. Many defend new Star Trek, because out of ignorance, they believe it represents them.

They do not know that the ST:TOS Federation was more progressive and aspirational. They hear a cacophony of criticism and simply choose to lash back. They did not do their homework and watch “OG Star Trek”, so they do not understand.

Rob, you exemplify what is best. You’re interested in the conversation. And open to new ideas. CBS needs to hire you for a ST:DS9 revival. I enjoy all of the topics you’ve brought up. Stay cool and carry on.

– Claude “ Ray Charles” Hibbert

P.S. “Now witness the firepower of this armed and fully operational Robservation Station!”

(Editor’s Note: THAT’S going on a t-shirt!)