Imagination Connoisseur, Jermain K., shares his concern that so many of the genre franchises we’ve enjoyed for their sense of adventure, whimsy and optimism have become bleak and cynical. But why?

Hello Rob.

I’m an avid viewer of your ROBSERVATIONS videos, especially when you discuss Star Trek. I find myself agreeing with everything you say about STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD). The show is unnecessarily violent, cynical and feels so not Star Trek. I believe this is the goal.

ST:PICARD is another example of a beloved character and/or franchise that is being ruined by modern storytellers need to be “dark” and “gritty”. There’s no hopefulness or optimism, core elements of the old shows.

What do we get now? Decapitations, swear words and a graphic scene of a character being dissected while he’s still conscious. Modern writers call all this “mature”. Sound familiar?

Luke Skywalker went from a hopeful Jedi that believed his vicious father could be redeemed to a cowardly hermit that ran away to hide and die.

Remember when Batman refused to kill? Even The Joker was a life worth saving, then BATMAN V SUPERMAN showed us an angry murdering Batman with a rocket launcher in the Batmobile. How many people did he kill in that movie?

Remember when Superman represented optimism, valor and seeing the best in people? Henry Cavill was instead tasked with portraying a dour cynic; thanks MAN OF STEEL.

ST:PICARD is another piece of a sad puzzle that turns beloved franchises into gloomy, pessimistic doppelgangers that systematically deconstruct and will eventually, in my opinion, destroy their predecessors. Unfortunately, I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon.

There are some bright lights, though, like WONDER WOMAN and AQUAMAN, but not nearly enough to stop the damage that’s being done.

– Jermaine K.

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