Why do studios do the things they do?

Imagination Connoisseur Calvin Bowes chronicles the treatment he and his fellow James Bond fans have received from the studio and how it’s changed since 1974. And not for the better.

Dear Rob,

I do not like the way studios treat fans anymore. They forget that we are the ones who make the money for them. I remember when they used to welcome fan interaction. Let me show you what I mean:

I have always been a big 007 fan. I became a fan after seeing LIVE AND LET DIE (imdb) on the silver screen. In 1974, before THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (imdb)  came out, we decided to make a James Bond newsletter and create a local James Bond fan club called “James Bond in Phoenix”, as I lived in Arizona at the time.

We started by writing to Pinewood and Eon Productions asking for info on new films and sent out our first newsletter and they accommodated us by sending some stills and some info on the shooting of the film. We sent them a copy and in return, they congratulated us and thanked us for our hard work.

The following few years, they gave us info on the court case preventing THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (imdb) from being released, but when they started shooting they sent us photos and info and again they were happy and what we had printed.

The relationship was pretty good. We got some interviews and they were always eager to accommodate.

We put out out 2 newsletters a year and when we had no new news we wold print short stories and poetry. The company always said nice things about our newsletter and thanked us for what we did. Over the years our newsletter quality got better – and as I said, the studio was always grateful and told us they looked forward to working with us.

We were publishing for nearly 20 years  – from 1974 until 1995.

Then, in 1995, after requesting info we received a letter telling us to cease and desist. The studio told us that if we continued publishing, we would be sued.

I do not understand why in1974 they were all happy and in 1995 they told us to get lost.

Now I ask you this because you have worked in the business. Why in 1974 were are they happy and in 1995 they were threatening a lawsuit? All we ever did is print what they sent us and it never changed. Did they not realize that our newsletter was free advertising that cost them nothing?

Why do studios treat fans like crap today? Why can’t they treat us the same in 2020 as they did in 1974?

– Calvin B.

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