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Ever notice how animated characters always wear the same clothes and never seem to age? Well that really bothers Imagination Connoisseur Omar 94 – as he explains in his most recent letter.

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Hi Rob,

Something I don’t like about 2d animated tv shows and sometimes the movies, is how characters never age, always wear the same clothes, and sometimes have four fingers instead of five.

In animated tv shows like Simpsons and Family Guy, the characters always stay the same age and wear the same clothes, unless the story of an episode takes place in the past or future. For example, Bart and Lisa Simpson still go to Springfield Elementary, with Bart always wearing his blue shorts and red t-shirt, and Lisa always wearing her orange dress. Stewie Griffin is still a baby after all this time, and always wears his yellow shirt and red dungarees. Also, the characters always have four fingers on each hand, instead of five.

2D animated movies tend to do the same thing with wearing the same clothes all the time.

For example, Prince Eric always wears a white shirt and blue plants, and Princess Jasmine always wears her blue shirt and pants. The only time they change their clothes, is when they get married. For being members of royalty, you would think they have more than one outfit.

I will say, the animated movies always gave the human characters five fingers, unlike animated shows which usually have characters with four fingers. Aging is not really an issue in 2d animated movies, since it’s a one and done story, and not a serialized event like a tv show.

I’ve always wondered why animators do all of that. I think it would be very interesting if we ever saw an animated piece where characters age in real time and regularly change clothes, like if it was live action.

Thanks, live long and prosper.

– Omar