Let’s face it, “canon-istas” can be killjoys. Imagination Connoisseur, Emil Johansson, explains that while canon is important when it comes to creating a realistic universe for our favorite franchises – but knowing all the trivial aspects of world-building shouldn’t be a requirement for enjoyment.

Rob, I like canon, a lot, I think canon is very important. However, I also think ignorance is bliss, and even if you are not caught up on all the details of everything doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something.

Even if that something doesn’t follow all the rules that has been set up it can still be a very enjoyable piece of entertainment, not everyone who watches Star Wars are super hard mega duper into everything about Star Wars and keeps track on everything canonical.

I’m not, but we can still enjoy star wars, even if we don’t get all the references here and there.

A lot of star wars supporters loved episode 7, I would have preferred if Lucas had done 7, 8, and 9 before he sold the property, that would have made the story more canonical in my mind, but regardless people watched episode 7 and loved it, so obviously they did something right.

In The Mandalorian, a lot of characters are introduced and there are references here and there to places and people that used to not be canonical, but instead of scrapping obscure characters they expand on them and people love it.

When people keep throwing canon stuff at you, like references to all sorts of stuff there is a loss of innocence in my mind, like when you read philosophy for the first time.

Some people just want to be entertained not to be versed in an entire universe.

I don’t consider the HULU show Runaways canon with the MCU, but I love that show and would have loved it to continue, not every marvel property needs to tie together to be good.

Anyways just had those thoughts forgot where I was going with it but still wanted to write that in.

My point is fillers can be good and canon is not always important, even if I personally care a lot about it.

– Emil J.