“What IS a Star Trek story and who’s to say what’s ‘authentic’ Star Trek?”

Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, has an answer for that. RMB digs into the continuity “bibles” for both Star Trek’s original series (in the 60s) and for Star Trek: The Next Generation to provide some guidance.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to dig in to how great science fiction was made back in the day – and, more importantly – some important perspective-building on the very franchise itself. RMB touches on the shows influenced by Gene Roddenberry’s original vision as well as the movies and series that were never made. He then contrasts those projects with what some people call “Nu-Trek” launched with the re-boot of the franchise and its debut in 2009 with the feature film directed by JJ Abrams.

It’s a whole, lotta Star Trek.

All that, plus viewer mail and the livestream chat make ROBSERVATIONS, a show that’s a great watch, any day!