Imagination Connoisseur, Stephen Goggin, shares his love of horror films and tells his fellow members of the Post-Geek Singularity where he finds the best in low-budget sci-fi and horror.

(edited for clarity)

Dear Rob and listeners,

I recently downloaded my first movies from Amazon Prime. They were PARADOX and ENCOUNTER.

I live in the UK, so these two movies where not available to watch for free as part of my Amazon Prime. I must say I was very impressed with both movies, and I won’t say too much about the plots (as they would be spoilers). I WILL say that they do low budget sci-fi a service by “upping the game” in terms of production plots and execution in the editing room.

One of the TV stations I watch is a channel called the Horror Channel which shows a mix of Original OST Classic Horror films from John Carpenter and Hammer Horror and low budget and modern sci-fi films and lots of modern B Movies like MONSTER or MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS, both these films are a good cut above the films I have enjoyed watching on the Horror channel.

I am looking forward to further stories these new film makers have to share with us. I also watched STARFIGHTER on Dust (on YouTube) and it is well done. Thank you to all the folk involved. Keep up the good work.

That is all for now.

Yours truly,
– Stephen Goggin (The Irishman in Somerset)