Imagination Connoisseur, Paul in Long Beach, wants to know when is too much, too much? Like the rest of us, Paul seems to be swimming in an endless sea of media … and he just may say “enough.”

Sorry Rob,

I missed a few shows this week. On Breakaway Day, Comet TV was having a, ‘Space: 1999’ marathon. It was a tough choice my friend, I could listen to you extol the genius of Gerry Anderson, or I could watch Martin Landau do it in his own subtle fashion. Actually, it wasn’t a difficult choice at all.

Tuesday, at ‘Robservations’ showtime, the same cable channel had Richard Burton and John Hurt in ‘1984’. Hmm, so many options. Terrible behavior in the cinema, or ‘Big Brother’?

In between, my wife and I have flown to the East Coast for a family wedding. So I’m writing from South Jersey and headed to Long Island for a weekend of festivities.

I’ve been pondering the multitude of choice recently. The basic theory being; ‘When is too much, too much?’. My ‘Robservations’ moment came on my JetBlue flight across America.
I just can’t keep up anymore. Nor do I care to.

We flew on a red eye. When we reached cruising altitude, I had some work to finish, Anna turned on ‘Rocketman’ and the lady seated on the window turned on ‘Aladdin’.

About an hour or so into the flight, with Anna and her neighbor snoozing, I took a restroom break. Seated towards the front of the plane, I purposefully walked to the rear mostly to regard what the other passengers were viewing.

To no surprise, everything was on. ESPN, some cooking show, The Weather Channel, Dark Phoenix, Bohemian Rhapsody, even the flight tracker channel was prevalent. Seated once again, I waded into the options available. Should I request ‘Clerks’ on JetBlue? It’s an option after all.

Make no mistake, I enjoy my satellite provider. If I gave two hoots about ‘Krypton’ or ‘Pennyworth’ then they are easily available. We are a sporting family, so Yankee baseball and NFL are must haves. (To the gentleman whom attempted to insult golfers… just don’t. I’ve heard a rumor that the matriarch of this podcast has all rights to hunt you down for spontaneous combustion. Probably just a rumor though.)

As ‘The Beatles’ sang, ‘It’s All Too Much’

A few weeks ago on TJCS, somehow TCM came up as a topic. John admitted he had no idea that Turner Classic Movies even existed as a television station. I sat at my desk slack jawed.

Most of the world hasn’t unplugged yet and the ‘Ala Carte’ options are becoming a plethora of blandness.

Here’s my count:

CBS All Access
Amazon Prime Video
Peacock (NBC)
Apple TV+
Showtime Now
WWE Network
YouTube TV
Sling TV
The Criterion Channel
Playstation Vue
Philo TV
Pluto TV
NBA League Pass
NFL Sunday Ticket
MLB at bat

If you were able to recite that list in one breath, congratulations, give yourself a cookie. Why? Because I didn’t even mention ‘Crackle’, ‘Hopster’ or ‘Crunchyroll’ whatever the hell kind of entertainment they provide.

Ditch cable they said, save some money they said.

I’ve dropped CBS already Rob, I could care less for modern ‘Trek’. ‘Twilight Zone’ was so disappointing, I have no confidence for ‘The Stand’.

I’ve said before, there’s really nothing to complain about. Never in my youth could I imagine that practically everything I wanted was a few clicks away.

Therefore, since these streaming services are now willing to purchase practically everything, I suggest we begin pitching together. I can think of two projects right this second.

1). Ferry Tales: The story of Captain Brad and his wacky crew as they provide fun and safe public transportation around the Puget Sound. It’s ‘Wiings’ on a ferry boat.

The slightly off but secretly brilliant engineer. The sassy waitress and the grumpy cook, they’ll take no guff from anybody. The goofy folks whom secure and watch the car park, playing poker and rolling dice during the between destinations.

I’m not kidding here Rob, Brad’s idea would work and you know it.

2). I, politely, won’t reveal my second because it’s something I’ve wanted to get off the ground for a bit. And you never want someone to ‘Borrow’ your idea, just like I did to Captain Brad.

Don’t worry Brad, when we sell this to CBS you’ll be there. After all, if they’ll buy ‘Magic Mushrooms in Space’, ‘Ferry Tales’, for a half the price is a cinch.

– Paul