Imagination Connoisseur, Jamie Thomas, writes in again to ask for a list of the ten best episodes from each series of the Star Trek franchise (with the exception of Discovery, of course).

Leave your lists in the comments section, below …

Hi Rob,

Me again, I just messaged you regarding the comparisons between the MCU and Star Trek.

I thought it would be interesting to get your opinion on which 10 episodes of Star Trek from each series you would offer up to a prospective new viewer to the Star Trek legacy, maybe discounting Star Trek: Discovery, because a) it’s terrible and b) it is still in production and only has 26 episodes made to-date.

In the same way some people may find it impenetrable to get into, let’s say, the vast comic history of Marvel; some people may be very much put off hearing about the hundreds of hours of Star Trek they would need to watch to get into the show.

Obviously, you would want a new viewer to consume the entirety of Star Trek from the original series onwards, but with such busy lives and more content to compete with, and people’s attention split between traditional broadcast television, streaming services, cinema releases, books and social media, etc., it can appear an impenetrable beast. (And that’s without going into the rich literary offerings of the Star Trek novels.)

So, let’s cherry pick the top 10 episodes from each series that you would show to the time-pressed, new viewer. These doesn’t necessarily have to be the popular episodes which may frequent the usual top 10, all-time great episodes (if you like Shades of Gray it can be added!) but those which you feel convey the core essence of what it is that makes Star Trek great.

Kind regards,
– Jamie T.