Imagination Connoisseur, Kris P., is an outsider when it comes to Los Angeles and the movie business – so he asks whether or not things are ever going to change. And just what kind of revolution will be needed to make that change happen?

And a good day to you Rob, my fellow Washingtonian, & your faithful listeners reaching all the far end of our glorious globe!

Been out, busy a bit, and had a few pondering questions/ideas to ask.

Power & control in a “bubble”.
Last week, I had some business to conduct in the LA area. My trip started in the largest & closets metro to LA, being San Diego. It’s about a 2-hour drive south-to-north from San Diego to LA along I-5. You’ve famously spoken often on how San Diego becomes the traveling circus of Comic-Con each year. However, during the other fifth plus weeks out-of-year, it’s not this way here. Just a normal, low-key area full of medical research, military bases, beautiful beaches, tacos, and our local crowd.

During my visit to LA, once reaching the outskirts of the suburban area of Irvine and Anaheim, the billboards of upcoming movies & musicians/comedians that typically headline entertainers of yesteryear’s start showing up. The glitz and glamour, the constant lure of becoming someone famous, reachable riches, and that magical “spotlight life” is apparent with hundreds of ads.

On my trek home down to merge onto a different freeway, the last reminders of show-business were visible with a huge SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (SONIC) billboard (which looked great when traveling at 60 mph and Sonic is 30 feet larger-than-life in the billboard), and the advertisement of Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland.

While in the downtown, busy bees, multicultural people, mixed…everything, and life was everywhere. But I couldn’t help but notice a bubble. Now, I’ve lived in Japan for 12 years, Bahrain/Thailand/Australia/Philippines and Canada for months at a time. My naval career took me places I had only seen, well, on the big screen. And even in San Diego, LA seemed to be in its own little unique world. True, LA is the mega-mecha built upon decades of entertainment which is why a visitor will see Hollywood’s latest movie.

Now, I’m just a simple guy, with simple desires and likes. My wife is Japanese, we’ve got 3 little ones, and one’s adopted. I do consider myself well exposed to different ideas, thoughts, visions, experiences, and cultures. But even with all this in my life toolbox, while in LA I could hear in my head other YouTuber’s that have not lived the LA life, except Nerdrotic to my knowledge, talk about the Hollywood bubble. And even these YouTuber’s that seem to be at some odds with the Hollywood social ideas.

Admittedly, I watched the Oscars and saw a sprinkle of how people should conduct themselves. I’ve seen these YouTuber’s bash Hollywood (and if you’re not sure which YouTuber’s I’m referring to in general, then I would like to welcome you to THE BURNETTWORK). There doesn’t seem to be a reason to read the articles coming from Hollywood to defend movies or negatively talk about fans, because I can hear the counter talking head points online.

Coming to a head, this leads to my pondering question: if articles attempting to defend movies that seem to on a trajectory of bombing are published if actors/actresses (I’m not a fan of the word “talent” in this case) give speeches about morality to the masses for injection if those with a voice or keyboard in Hollywood have what’s being viewed as an agenda, is there a real bubble in Hollywood?

Is there currently a power struggle between online publishing companies and those we see on entertainment media against those outside the business as preachy for topics that no longer affect their daily lives? Of course, I don’t have the answer, which is why I’m asking you this. And anyone that wants to comment after giving Rob a thumb up and sharing the video.

This trend of Hollywood vs. fans seems to be growing quickly. Fan are turning against properties with videos of their own (a form of free enterprise…no pun intended), not watching films that hurt studio’s bottom line, and pushing back against this unforeseen bubble. And this isn’t a response to SONIC, it’s been building up more and more. I could even say the lines were drawn in the sand since GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 to the major degree we’re seeing in today’s online discussion.

So, in the end, could there a building power struggle from those with the traditional voice out of Hollywood, that maybe is in its own bubble towards fans? Are fans reacting too harshly? Those with the loudest voice typically control the narrative of life, so could there be a shift in control be upon us? Not that anyone side, or city, is morally right in everything.

My world journeys have taught me that what’s great in one location wouldn’t seem anything in another. Could Hollywood be desperately trying to control the narrative before it goes away? My two oldest teens couldn’t even tell me the actors or actress name in our beloved MCU movies, but they would be completely starstruck if they met their favorite YouTuber in person. The geek-out would be adorable!

And this where the future power struggle of a combat battlefield is today, at least what I see based on my kids and their friends’ reactions. To me, I see the future discussions of life, morality, incredible ideas, and spiritual guidance coming from those small devices we all have in our pocket from all types of life…

That’s all I’ve got for now (taken from Thor Skywalker). I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic Rob, as someone that wasn’t born into Hollywood and had/has to keep hustling to remain in the business.

Does this mythical bubble truly exist?

And as always, thank you again!
– Kris P.