Imagination Connoisseur known as “That English Gent” shares what he sees happening to the community of Star Trek fans known as Trekkies. And it’s not a good thing.

Watching the Fandom tear itself apart is like watching a family fight over a home.

You have the parents (old Trekkies) who’ve been there their whole lives. Looked after the home. Treated it well. Kept it clean and tidy. Made sure it’s stayed structurally sound for many, many decades – long enough for kids to be raised in it.

Then you have the kids (New Trekkies) who, as much as they love the house and all the memories that were made within, would rather just tear down half of it and build a completely new, modern extension over it. A place for themselves that fits who they are. Leaving only photographs and a few home movies left to remind us of what came before.

The question is, who has the ultimate right to the house? Who built and cared for it or those who will ultimately inherit it when those before are gone?
I honestly don’t fully know the answer to this anymore. I still feel there’s no reason to just abandon what’s come before because time has moved on since the good old days. Old Trekkies are still around and will be for many decades to come.

But of course, we need to allow room for new fans to grow and find their own place within the universe we love so much. After all, if we want the story to continue then we must save a few pages for those who’ve yet to learn to write the story we started for them. It’s still a family story after all.

– That English Gent