Ever wonder what happened to your favorite characters after their TV series ends? Multiply that anxiety by two when your favorite character’s sole purpose is to return home before the series ends … and he doesn’t. That’s our seven words or less challenge today …

Do you remember QUANTUM LEAP in the 90s? Sam, Al and their time travel shenanigans was on the air for six years before it came to an unceremonious ending. Dr. Samuel Beckett (Scott Bakula), who had spent years fixing history’s wrongs so he could return to the present, never came home.
In Seven Words or Less …

Where (or maybe more appropriately, when) did Dr. Samuel Beckett end up at the end of QUANTUM LEAP?

We’re hoping he’s not stuck in a time loop at “Club 54” in the late 70s, because a guy can only take so much disco.

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