Imagination Connoisseur, Hannes The Hun, is a big fan of Vin Diesel’s Riddick-verse and wants to know why, after two pretty darn good movies and some groundbreaking video games, we’re not seeing more tales from the Riddick Chronicles?

(edited for clarity)

Hey Rob,

What is your attitude towards the Riddick universe as written & created by Twohy & Diesel?

Personally, I feel this could have become Universal’s “Star Wars Killer” but somehow it never came to fruition. I love what they did with the Riddick character from PITCH BLACK (a surprise hit) to RIDDICK CHRONICLES (a very underrated sci-fi gem) and beyond.

I just don’t understand why this very promising franchise never hit the ground and grew beyond its premises.

We had games on X360 that were really groundbreaking, so you had the multi-media premise but nevertheless this franchise somehow died beyond its premise. How can this happen? Should it have been brought back?

I would LOVE to have more adventures of Riddick.

– Hannes

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