Imagination Connoisseur, Logan G, has a recommendation for making STAR TREK: PICARD a better show … make it simpler.

(edited for clarity)


So, from the reviews of STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD) you’ve done (as well as Red Letter Media, Nerdrotic, MechaRandom42, Doomcock, Nitpicking Nerd, and Trek Yards), I think I grasp what ST:PICARD is telling us about the 24th Century.

Do I have this right?

In Gene Roddenberry’s 24th century, Earth is a utopia thanks to enlightenment and post scarcity economics. But on this Kurtzman show, there is class strife, drug use, corruption and infiltration of Starfleet, robot slavery, and since it’s on streaming, profanity. I guess the works of Jacqueline Suzanne and Harold Robbins regained their popularity in the late 24th century!

Also, Marc Scott Zicree asked a good question: what is this show about? Secret Romulan agents who have even more super-secret agents? Resurgent Romulans after the supernova? Resurgent Borg? Skinjob androids like BSG and Blade Runner? Dying Picard? Corrupt and incompetent Starfleet?

No one has been able to coherently explain what it is about in one simple logline.

As you said previously, it would have made more sense if the show had opened up with semi-retired Picard doing archeology on some alien world. With him could’ve been the same motley crew he apparently now has. Maybe his archaeological dig could’ve led to a mysterious ancient race that could become an all new threat.

Yes, I’m stealing from BABYLON 5 and THE SHADOWS. But Kurtzman and his team like to steal stuff so why not steal something good and introduce something new and terrifyingly dangerous into Trek?

Then Picard could’ve still come into conflict with Starfleet because they don’t take his warnings seriously. And from that you can build a storyline.

Keep it simple! It sounds like this show with all these layers of backstory and conspiracies is way too Byzantine to be understood.

When is someone going to come in and save Star Trek from these Visigoths?

Logan G.