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Imagination Connoisseur, Jermaine K., wonders why fans who push back on franchises who seem to be re-writing established cannon are considered “toxic” when there seems to be other fan behavior that is far worse.

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Hello Rob.

Thanks for reading my previous letters. It’s been a while since I last wrote you. I was content to just watch and listen to other people’s questions and viewpoints on various topics. Then I watched Robservations #565 and #566. The topic of “toxic” fandom has compelled me to write in again.

Our current culture has many wonderful aspects, and some that are the total opposite of wonderful. The term “toxic” falls into that last category. Any fan who strongly questions the new pieces of an established franchise, especially if those questions have history and lore in them, is deemed “toxic”. Now Rob, I don’t mean the people who said nasty things about Rose Tico based on her ethnicity. I mean the fans who questioned how Rey could Force heal but Luke Skywalker couldn’t. Or how lightspeed skipping is suddenly a thing. Or why ST: Picard has decapitations and Icheb getting his eye torn out. Funny, I don’t remember any decapitations in DS9. Does having a respect and appreciation for the past of a franchise make a fan “toxic”?

I believe something much more sinister is happening here. To quote a great Jedi ‘I have a bad feeling about this’. The term “toxic fan” is being used as an easy bludgeon to quiet anyone who doesn’t accept the current iteration of a beloved franchise. If they dare push back against the MASSIVE changes being made to lore and history, they’re a gatekeeper; another asinine term. It’s good to see so many people fighting this form of censorship and there’s no better leader than you Rob. By the way, the person who called you a gatekeeping twat should be ashamed.

Thanks for reading, take care.