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M Kay, one of our more colorful Imagination Connoisseurs, writes in to RMB with a few notes about his most recent experiences returning to his local theater.


Ahoy Again Sir Rob…!

(…I just stuck with the straightup SouthPark/Mr. Garrison ripoff for simplicities sake this go around – though in my own Mental McKlunker – the nickname does have a few varied meanings!)

It was funny hearing You play off the name though & my Bud-zZz always give me stinkloads for my nickname pickings … never was my strongsuit! Also – not that you’re necessarily wondering, but in case You were – the reason I do the triple “zZz” is because I consider myself a buzZzybee (who doesn’t these days) – but also it is the main sigil for a YouTube channel I really Dig called “Sir Swag” – mostly commentary on current videogame culture. But the channel has longer news segments about once a month as well called: “News Without the B#@$*%T” which is one of the only places I trust to find “Real News” these days…Get that where One comes across it nowadayzZz – that’s for sure!)

I wasn’t planning on writing again so soon, but I wanted to get Your thoughts on SumThing, Sir Rob!

I recently went back to a local movie theater (BowTie Cinemas if AnyOne was curious) – they apparently have been slow opening since early July and are playing CLASSICS (Back to the Future, LOTR triology, all the Harry Potter movies through the course of the summer, Jaws, etc.)

Now – it’s not that I have never seen a re-release before (I was fortunate enough to have my pop take me&one of my BudzZz to the Star Wars original re-releases when the extended versions first were coming out in the mud to late 90’s) -BUT- I had never seen Back to the Future in theaters, and one particular word came to my mind as I was watching it was the word ….”Cinematic”

Like many words in our vocabulary these days, I feel as though We have lost what this word really means … and though I had seen BTTF many many times on TV and small screen … when I saw it in the theater for the first time it struck me that this movie was made for theater….the timing, the pacing, the cut-shots [particularly the chase scene where Bif and his buddies get “skunked on” by Marty following his improvised skateboard scene, and the iconic clock tower scene as well!]

This is not to say in my own personal opinion that movies made for the Big Screen 1st can’t look great on a T.V. or small projection screen later – or that all movies need to even be “Cinematic” per se – but it seams to me that what gets lost in the conversation of lost/or diminishing TheaterExperiences is The Art of making a “Cinematic Movie” period….if that makes any sense
(I.e in terms of pacing, music timeups, angle pieces etc.)….

I Don’t_Know Sir Rob. I find myself rambling on&on (per usual) – let me just ask You directly – What does the word “Cinematic” mean to You????

[PS there was nobody in BTTF for the showing I went to, though masks were required and going to concession stand was like approaching the edge of a hockey rink (large plastic barriers&whatknot) – in case anyone was curious about the logistics.

PSS for LOTR it was Fellowship if the Ring: The Extended Version … the most shocking thing about that was I decided to sit through the credits for the full “NostalgiaSoak” and there was – no joke – about TEN-MINUTES of pure credits for “The LOTR Fanclub” … was kind of mind- boggling.

PSS this is way off topic – O’Well – When SomeBody asked my Dad what he wanted to be more than many “Ages” past: “What do you want to be when you GrowUp?” He answered in turn & without missing a beat: “Captain James T. Kirk, that’s Who!?” So You two certainly park your shuttlecrafts in the same shuttle bay Sir!

PSSST I love everybody’s letters that get read on air, but I must say I have a special affinity for Willow‘s letters, especially whenever she mentions showing new Movies or Media to her Mom…always makes me smile when one of those comes in…Keep’Em coming Ms. Willow&Thank You Rob&Fellow Robservationists As ALLLWayzZz]