Imagination Connoisseur, Mark Churay, breaks down the Post-Geek Singularity (and the world of geek culture) into four, basic flavors – and in his opinion, not all of them are delicious. Which one are you?

Dear Rob and Imagination Connoisseurs,

We talk about the being in a Post-Geek Singularity world and believe it a good thing. More people get to enjoy genre entertainment that we’ve loved for years. Being a fan of science fiction and fantasy in all its mediums is now more accepted than ever. But, was the Geek Singularity really a good thing? For me, “I fear the Greek bearing gifts.”

First, let’s examine the true geek fan of genre/pop culture.

People like this almost don’t have a choice. The bug bites them early and repetitively adding new books, television, comics and film all through their lives. What you enjoy depends on your sensibility and intellectual level. Since both change throughout your life you continue to feed the genre beast.

It’s not just the enjoyment of a brand either. A true fan will deep dive down a rabbit hole until they have found and memorized any fact about that brand and the hidden world it occupies.

Since entering the Geek Singularity, I see four different types of people who have come into the nerd space.

The first is still the “true fan”, they devour knowledge about shows and characters they love just like OG fans. Geek Singularity or not, they would’ve still found their way here. They are, “The Imagination Connoisseurs.”

The second type is the “fake fan.” Since genre/pop culture is currently cool, they fake being a fan in order to fit into nerd space. They are generally easy to spot. There many people like this. They fake their way into anything they believe popular and drop the pretense as soon as the next thing comes along.

Then, there is the “Google fan.” While mostly millennials, they are exclusively so. These people do generally find the brands interesting but frankly are too lazy to do the deep dive a true fan would. Sadly, due to their laziness and lack of knowledge, these idiots shun OG fans for being old. There is no respect or desire to learn from the past.

“Google fans” are so self-involved, they eat up anything within the brands, no matter who good or terrible a story may be. They prefer a more woke and superficial form of genre. This way, they can feel important while still being lazy. If you are an OG fan who dislikes the current version of what you used to love, these are the ones who call you “Boomer” or “toxic” and they claim victimhood to your harassment.

They are the true “toxic fans.”

Lastly, there are the “New Creators.” They are even worse than the “Google fans.” Why? Because these idiots are the ones who think they are smarter than a 20 to 60 year-old property. Their knowledge of the brand they create stories for is less than that of the “Google fan.” The product they create is very superficial and feeds the self-righteousness of the “Google fans.” They actively dumb down what OG fans love until its almost unrecognizable.

Do we owe these fans anything?

Well, the true fans would’ve found their way here no matter. But for the rest, the ones the Geek Singularity alone brought in, they can get fucked!

As was stated here, OG fans saved Star Trek, kept it alive and built on it with other brands. Without them, none of this exists. “Google Fans” and “New Creators” have never had to defend their brands just to keep them alive.

What about the “toxic fans” who are intolerant of these new fans and their passions?

I think the majority of toxic fandom is a myth. There has always been a very vocal minority of fans that just can’t be made happy. Today, many who are called toxic, disagreed with someone who is now claiming victimhood.

As one whose has been called a “toxic fan” often enough that I wear it as a badge of honor, I welcome any true fan into the fold. But, if you are too lazy to do the work that makes a fan and tries to change what I love to fit your superficial sensibility, I say again, go get fucked!

You don’t belong here. You don’t really love the brand so why stay? To take it away from those that love it?

Go and create a new brand that meets your needs and love that. Leave our shit alone.

Is this a harsh postition to take? Absolutely. By coddling these “Google fans and New Creators” we are feeding the bullshit mentality that made them so bratty in the first place.

So, I don’t celebrate being in the Post-Geek Singularity. The friends and cohorts it has attracted, would’ve gotten here anyway. The rest just seem like pests in the kitchen and it’s time to get a broom and sweep them out of the house.

– Mark C.

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