Imagination Connoisseur, Martin Lawrence, longs for the glory (or is it gory) days of classic slasher films. What’s it going to take to bring classic horror back (with a vengeance)?

(edited for clarity)

Greetings and salutations, Rob!

I was writing to you to ask if we would ever see the glory days of the slasher return.

Then I stopped and realised it can’t happen. I guess audiences wised up and wanted more than just boobs and gratuitous death (character development maybe??) and step away from the tired cliches.

I love boobs and death as much as the next Robert Meyer Burnett, but I, too, need something more in my slasher movies. My favourite is THE BURNING. The nerdy guy at camp and the alpha male are the last people standing, subverting their cliche stock characters and presents a killer that tackles multiple people at a time – and in broad daylight.

I very much enjoyed THE HILLS RUN RED. It had an interesting story and a great looking killer. I would love to see you direct a slasher movie in the future.

So I guess my question is this: will we ever get a run of slashers that surprise the audience with memorable killers and some genuine scares?

I’m hoping the shuttle craft Lawrence is close to docking at the spacestation Burnett on this one.

Yours Sincerely,
– Martin L.