Imagination Connoisseur, Sam O’Neill, writes in to explain what he’s received from a dozen years of MCU films throughout his childhood.

Hi Rob!

I’ll get straight to the point.

The other day you answered my super chat about the impact Marvel movies have had on people who grew up with the MCU and how they have impacted us. I’m 23 by the way, so I was 11 when IRON MAN came out.

You said “The younger generation of fans are going to be a good bunch of folks”

This got me thinking on my bike ride home from the gym which is part of my usual Sunday morning routine.

With so many movies all the characters are shown with flaws some more than others, however they are still portrayed and seen as the perfect person we all want to grow up to be whether you want to be like Cap, Iron Man, Superman or whoever.

With kids growing up and seeing all these near perfect beings on the big screen, so often I feel it has shaped many of us to grow up and be all around good people. These movies and many others have taught us manners, respect, courage, compassion … and the list goes on. I feel they have also taught us that we as humans make mistakes and sometimes do bad things but however that does not define who we are, we just pick ourselves back up and get our ass back into gear and continue to be the best version of us we can be.

I’ve always loved watching tv or movies and looking at the hidden messages that they have in them.

Hopefully this letter makes sense I was never good at putting my thoughts into words

Thank you and this time, you have a better day much love from Brisbane, Australia

– Sam O