Imagination Connoisseur, Regina Cruz, mathematician with a self-described “strong propensity for theoretical physics, quantum physics and metaphysics,” offers up her thoughts on the probability of alien contact.

Dear Robert or should I say Dear Master of Fun and Wonder (?), 

First of all, I just wanted to express limitless gratitude for all the phenomenal content you provide on your YouTube Channel, The Burnettwork.  It is such a joy to hear you expound upon your fascinating and insightful opinions and views on myriad subjects.  It is also a delight to listen to you declaim a plenitude of articulate, thought-provoking letters provided to you by your fabulous imagination connoisseurs, members of your esteemed post-geek singularity community.

It is such a privilege to have found a community where people may engage in civil discourse, perhaps at times partaking in expostulation or disputation, but always doing so in a very respectful and honorable manner.  Kudos to you, Gatekeeper of Verisimilitude, for creating such a sublime platform for us like-minded souls to express ourselves and to reveal the musings, conceptualizations and formulations of our science fiction-saturated minds.

My roommate and I first discovered you by watching John Campea and always found the depth and breadth of your knowledge to be quite impressive, staggering and even “mentally breathtaking!”  

My roommate and I were happy to discover how you cover topics so much more extensively and thoroughly on your own channel, so much so that I enjoy watching your videos and live streams as much as those of the John Campea show – for different reasons. My roommate totally loves your channel very much as well.  He’s a complete geek, and almost owns every single episode of Dr. Who – and I mean all the way back to the First Doctor!  I myself am no stranger to geekdom, and I am heavily into Science Fiction, genre cinema/tv shows, Marvel and DCEU movies and Fantasy (my two favorite TV shows of all time are The Magicians and Being Human).

My roommate went to film school and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.  I also have a strong propensity for theoretical physics, quantum physics and metaphysics and am an avid autodidact in these three fields.  I must say that I am also an enthusiastic fan of Willow Yang.  She does such an admirable and eloquent job of representing the demographic of the “geeky constituent” of the female Asian community, of which I am also a member.

I have been lurking on your channel for a few weeks now, and I was shy to write in, but I felt strongly compelled to do so when you addressed the whole plan “to storm Area 51.”  I listened to your and Willow’s thoughts on the possibility of humans being in contact with extraterrestrials.  You both raised many excellent, well-reasoned and cogent points for consideration.  I think you ruminated that it would be pointless for aliens to contact us if they were so much more highly advanced technologically than we were.  I mean why would they possibly be interested in insignificant beings like us?  What could we possibly offer them from an intellectual, cultural, social, scientific or spiritual/metaphysical standpoint?  Those are fine questions.

I heard it posited, however, that once we employed the use of the atomic bomb, extraterrestrial beings took notice of us, or perhaps we garnered more attention from them than before. The setting off of those bombs purportedly had a detrimental effect – not only on our planet, our environment and the biological entities within near proximity – but also on other dimensions and worlds, which are inhabited by alien life forms.

If you think about it, the timeline seems to be plausible, as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place in 1945, and the Roswell incident occurred in 1947.

To address the improbability of aliens being able to reach our planet within a reasonably short period of time, there are scientific theories and explanations that convey how it is possible.  In theoretical physics, or at least within certain factions of the theoretical physics community, there is a theory that time and space are merely illusory elements of reality.  The following article posted in the Scientific American website addresses the notion that space may not be what our senses tell us:

As for the illusory nature of time, Einstein himself said “the dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion.” 

Yes – these are quite mind-bending concepts!  

There is this idea that in order to traverse across extremely long distances, what is required is not the movement across vast expanses of space, but rather the intentional modulation or purposeful variation of the frequency of one’s own level of energetic vibration.

In one essay provided by a professed alien, a Taygetan Pleiadian, it is written, “In Stellar Navigation 1, I described how we navigate using a frequency map, and not a locations map.  In a frequency map, what is important is the relationship between the given specific frequencies, that can be taken as destinations or as locations, and not concepts like distance and directional placement as would be in a traditional map.”

I think it’s such a supercool idea that we may travel anywhere in the universe just by shifting the frequency of our level of vibration!

I believe that there is merit to this concept that we find ourselves attracting to us people and things of a similar vibration.  For example, wouldn’t you agree that you are, in fact, a vibrational match to, say, Willow Yang, John Campea, Erin Cummings, Kris Carr, etc. and all the other brilliant and wonderful people who populate your world?

Indeed, the great Nikola Tesla, the scientist whom many credit for ultimately being responsible for 80% of our most modern, state-of-the-art technologies, stated that everything is predicated on energy, frequency and vibration.

If you would like to do a deep dive into concepts such as this one, I highly recommend the channel Cosmic Agency.  The YouTuber of that channel, Gosia, claims to be in contact with an alien named Swaruu, a Pleiadian from Erra, Taygeta within the star system of Pleiades.

I know all of this sounds far-fetched, but you may be amazed at how sound the science and information they provide on this channel seems to be.  In fact, Dale Harder, an ex-NASA engineer, participates on this channel from time to time and lends the channel credibility. I totally resonate with most of the ideas they put forth!  If you do decide to check out this channel, please keep an open mind.  If you use your own powers of discernment, you will be able to assess for yourself whether or not the material they present has “verisimilitude”.

I for one am rather convinced about the veracity of the information presented.  My faculties of ratiocination are sufficiently satisfied to acknowledge that the channel Cosmic Agency is most likely a credible one!

For the time being, given how seemingly fantastical these ideas I am presenting in this letter are, it may be best to refrain from sharing the contents of this letter with other members of the PGS Community. It’s possible that most may not be open-minded enough to give the channel Cosmic Agency a fair chance.  Perhaps I am mistaken- but it’s probably better to play it safe for now.  I just really wanted to let you know about Cosmic Agency because I think you would find at least some modicum of value to this channel – and perhaps it may even rock your world a little bit – depending on how believable you find it to be!

It may be that you are predisposed to not be convinced of the authenticity of the Cosmic Agency channel.  If that is the case, then at least the channel may provide, at least from your perspective, prodigious amounts of amazing, mind-blowing, matrix-shattering science fiction!

The beings that supply info and material to this channel are most certainly epic geniuses!

Below are links that lead to videos that you may want to ponder over for multitudinous moments of time – at your leisure of course:

It’s noteworthy how Gosia addresses the prime directive and its relationship with respect to disclosure (of the existence of aliens) in the second video.  Obviously, these Pleiadians do not approach disclosure in a desultory fashion!

I know that you are very busy – so if you are inclined and if you have the time, please feel free to let me know your thoughts about these videos and/or perhaps about the channel in general.  Thank you so very much!

Best regards, love, joy and every good thing imaginable,
– Regina C.

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