Imagination Connoisseur, Aaron Johnson, takes a shot at THE FRISCO KID, a western-comedy that paired Willy Wonka with Han Solo. How many Schnozberries do you rate this film?

(edited for clarity)

Dear Rob,

I thought I would write my thoughts on THE FRISCO KID. I saw the film recently,
and I love the film. It is a fun comedy.

Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford are a legitimately good comedy pairing in this movie. My favorite part is when Harrison Ford’s character, Tommy, gets mad at the bank robbers who stole money from Gene Wilder’s character, Avram, and then recovers the money during the later half of the movie.

What made it quite intriguing for me is how Tommy realizes that given all of his heroic actions to help Avram, he acts more like a best friend to him and is invited to be a best man to Avram’s wedding at the end of the movie

What are your thoughts on the film?

– Aaron J