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Imagination Connoisseur, Matthew Zorich, has been listening to RMB’s podcasts about THE PRISONER and has some questions and pitches a few theories of his own.

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I am enjoying your review of The Prisoner.

Is The Prisoner not wanting to be called Number 6, or any number, a sort of parody about James Bond being called 007? Also there is a theory that 007 is the number who is assigned to the person in that job at that time and not a any one person. No. 6 insists he is not a number, but a free man.

In Chimes of Big Ben, Number 2 acknowledges that both sides will be looking into a mirror and run the whole world like The Village. Number 6 says if that is the case, then he wants to be the first man on the moon. At the end of Fall Out Number 1 (Number 6) blasts off in an Apollo type of rocket.

Also in Fall Out Number 6 asks Leo McKern if he has ever met No. 1. Leo McKern says, “Face to face” . Is his response a question or a statement? Like – Are you joking? Don’t you know who you are!? Of course I met him!

The council members who represents Anarchist may be the same character who begs for forgiveness in “A Change of Mind.”

I have thought the film A Scanner Darkly and The Prisoner had similar themes.

The Village is allowing Number 6 to escape in order to improve security. Like free diagnostics. Could it be the more he tries to escape and struggles, the more he is helping The Village? Alternatively, No. 6 is playing playing chess against himself (No. 1).

Maybe Number 6 was a willing prisoner to see how easy or difficult it was to escape. He had to make it seem convincing to his superiors.

In Free for All he calls that mini council “tailor’s dummies.” In Fall Out his original clothes are on a tailor’s dummy.

These are random ideas on the I’ve had for years.

Best regards,