Fellow Imagination Connoisseurs share their 3-word reviews of STAR WARS: EPISODE FIVE – THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Better than George’s
– Ian Samuels

Best Star Wars!
– Victor Acosta

A perfect movie
– Jeremy Ingalls

Pure Cinematic Glory
– Dominic Francis

Nothing comes close!
– Vesna Lukic

The best one.
– Tyree Webster

Epic. Revolutionary. Awesome.
– Seth Harrell

My Favorite Movie
– Andy Mayes

Life Changing Event
– Andrew Wiechman

Not my Hand!
– James Herkowyi

That’s not true!
– Stephen Bamford


Kick Ass Ride
– Chad Almquist Crypto

Awesome fun time
– Derek Brinkley

Best of Trilogy
– Mike Harris

Unnecessary Space Incest
– i.am.cinema uk

Title Says all.
– Thomas Bartholdi

Solidifies the franchise.
– Justin Danford

The Dogs Bollocks
– Rob Thompson

Greatest Sequel Ever.
– Matt Brown

Who’s Your Daddy?
– Jim Boyers

Revolutionary Space Opera
– Carlos Rivera

Still the best …
– John-O Five

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