Imagination Connoisseur, Sven Eric Maier, sent us the teaser trailer for a series he’s developing called BLACK FOREST WITCH. 

About Sven Eric:

I’m a writer-director from Karlsruhe, Germany. I’ve created a lot of short films as well as feature scripts. On my YouTube channel Ergocinema I’m showing my followers how to write screenplays.

Sven Eric’s Story:

We shot this teaser trailer for a Fantasy TV series in the real Black Forest in May 2019 – just an hour from where I live.

BLACK FOREST WITCH is a prequel to the Hänsel and Gretel story. It shows how an innocent girl becomes the evil witch from the fairy tales. This trailer is basically the first scene of the pilot. 

Only one night provided the shooting conditions we needed: Calm, dry and mild. It was actually a huge gamble. The night after I returned to the location to check if we forgot anything, but the wind up on the mountains was so strong that I couldn’t even open the car doors.

Now we are looking for partners to produce the whole 45 Minutes long pilot episode and from there, the whole series. We’ve got a script, an outline for one season and a plan for a seven season long story arc.

On the about page I’ve listed the whole cast and crew.