Imagination Connoisseur, Joe Fawley, writes in about his love for the film, THE LIGHTHOUSE and the incredible performance by Willem Dafoe – but wonders why Dafoe wasn’t nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. Just what does it take for a guy to get an Oscar nomination, anyway?

Hello Robert and my neighbors of the Post Geek Singularity!

I hope you are all experiencing a beautiful day today. Like many of you, I am stocking up my kitchen with buttered popcorn, frozen pizzas, and some whacky tobaccy in anticipation for the 92nd Oscar celebration!

As I reflect on the year that was 2019, I realize I had made a crucial error in my ‘top 3 favorite films of the year’ in my biking video that I submitted in early January. That’s because I missed out on one film in particular. I didn’t see THE LIGHTHOUSE until just last week and it is now battling JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3 as my favorite film of 2019.

What I love about THE LIGHTHOUSE is the bold direction with a well-written story that is crafted in such a way that it leaves us with several different riveting interpretations. As well as provided me with the most genuine laughs of the year, even more than any true comedy that came out in 2019. But the aspect I easily enjoyed the most was Willem Dafoe’s show stealing performance.

Which makes me wonder… Why wasn’t he nominated?

To me, Dafoe gave us everything we could’ve asked for from an actor. An old timey pirate dialect, a memorable and powerful monologue, the man acted out his own scripted farts for crying out loud! What more could you want? If he didn’t play his part with such conviction then none of the comedy, stakes, nor the feeling of madness and dread would’ve played as well as it did. He put on an acting showcase that made this film a spectacle to watch.

In my opinion not only should he have been nominated but he was my surefire pick to win. I’m not trying to knock the other nominees; I’m just flabbergasted by his absence. Which raises a few questions.

1. What does the academy look for in a performance?

2. Who do you think will win this year?

3. What do you look for in a performance and what were your favorites of the year?

Ultimately, an Oscar win doesn’t change my opinion or joy of a movie, but I do find a lot of fun in watching my favorites be honored. Regardless, I am geared up for an entertaining Oscar Celebration and cannot wait to hear your perspective of the show.

Thank you for reading my letter. As always, your friend from Chicago,

– Joe Fawley

P.S. Rob, yer fond of me lobster aren’t ya?