Imagination Connoisseur, Bryan Jones, loved AVENGERS: ENDGAME but didn’t like the way it ended. So he came up with his own.

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(edited for clarity)

Hello Rob, Master of fun and wonder.

I loved, LOVED, LOVED AVENGERS: ENDGAME, but left sad and unfulfilled. Which is why I was sad. I hate how it ended.

I understand why it ended the way it did. I just hated it.

Now, RDJ wanted to step away. Cool. No doubt that he will be back.

So, until then, here is my ending …

It all is good ’til Tony uses the stones. At that point he vanishes. No doubt from using the stones. At this point we are left to wonder: What happened to Tony?

In our world, we are left with no Tony. Everyone just assumes he’s dead, so they have the funeral. Cap goes back and does his thing. Still leaves his character open. Thor goes with the Gardians.

Alright, now here is the boom scene …

During mid-credits, it shoots to the soul world where Thanos went for a brief second in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. We see Tony sitting there in a pool of water. As he sits up looking terribly confused, we hear a familiar voice say “Tony” and it’s non other than Black Widow, herself, standing next to Gamora. End scene.

Then, after the credits run, we get another scene: Time has passed (who knows how long) and we see a conversation between Tony, Natasha, and Gamora. Suddenly, there is a blast of energy of some sort and a pod appears. As it opens, out walks none other than Adam Warlock himself. Played by Keanue Reeves.

Dumb-founded, Tony asks: “Who are you?” Adam reveals his name and states that he had to come here to heal after a fight with an Asgardian. Tony and Natasha look at each other as Gomora says, Thor? The camera shows Adam looking at them, saying nothing.

Camera goes black. Boom!

Now that sets up the next faze. Who wouldn’t have left the theatre in total shock and also that gives RDJ several years to step away. Man I’m telling you. That would have been great.