Imagination Connoisseur, Ian Samuels, is a DC fan. But while Superman and Batman may not have delivered as expected, he was blown away by Wonder Woman and Aquaman – and thinks you will be, too.


As a DC Comics – and particularly Batman – fan, I was excited for the JUSTICE LEAGUE. BATMAN V SUPERMAN was an enjoyable film despite the ‘Martha’ and the stupid Lex Luthor stuff. So, we finally got JUSTICE LEAGUE. And ignoring all the ‘Snyder-Cut’ stuff, I really enjoyed the film – but had issues.

The best thing in both BATMAN V SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE was BatFleck, the one thing people worried most about.

Then we got WONDER WOMAN and AQUAMAN. I remember the old Wonder Woman TV series and the jokes about Aquaman, but little else. So, what did we get?

Well, in my opinion, two of the most epically fucking amazing films ever made.

WONDER WOMAN is, well, Wonderful! It’s a beautifully made film, looks amazing, tells a great story, and every actor plays their part brilliantly.

AQUAMAN also looks equally amazing. The underwater scenes are truly epic. Again the actors are all excellent, especially Jason Mamoa (who is a great choice for Arthur). Love the story, love the effects. Love the use of Black Manta.

Also, I love the soundtrack on both films. The use of sound effects are just superb.

Despite the issues of BATMAN V SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE, the DCEU movies we have got are at least entertaining, and two are epically awesome.

But that’s just my opinion.

– Ian S.