Imagination Connoisseur, Craig Stratton, may be big on imagination, but he’s not a connoisseur of snack food at movie theaters. That’s why he wants to BAN POPCORN!

Let Craig know what you think of his idea in the comments below.

Hello Rob

I feel I am going to get hate for this message but it is something thst really bugs me. I hate popcorn in movie theatres.

How I get that a little snack during a movie is ok. But why is the most common movie foods so noisy?

I am tired of hearing the people around me crushing on it. Popcorn is a noisy food to eat. And also it makes alot of mess. I get it is cheap to make and makes the theatres their revenue. But surely there are better alternatives. Also I’m just gonna say. Popcorn tastes awful as well.

Boxed sweets are good and often what I choose. Why not put more focus on them. And provide more alternatives. Maybe even a few healthier options too.

I know I might be the odd one out here but: BAN POPCORN FROM MOVIES.

– Craig S.