Imagination Connoisseur, Liam Carrigan, makes his case for a re-booted HIGHLANDER – and not just a crappy sequel like the last one. Is it time for the return of Clan Macleod?

Hi Rob,

Greetings once again from Nagano, Japan, and for once, I’m not going to talk about Superman.

Oops, i guess I just did. Anyway, onto today’s topic.

I saw on social media the other day, that it was the 32nd anniversary of the release of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, and discussion soon moved onto the long overdue reboot that seems to have been in “development hell” for more than a decade.

It got me thinking about another movie from the 80s that I think is long overdue a reboot.

That movie is Highlander.

Ok, as a Scotsman Im probably a bit biased in my view but I unashamedly love this movie. The sequel was an absolute abomination, but I really enjoyed the TV series too. It was sometimes formulaic, but perhaps for the same reasons I love the old superman movies, the simple idea of a hero who faces a challenge, empowers himself and takes down the big bad at the end really worked for me as a means of escapism from what were very difficult times in my life back in my teenage years in the 1990s. Plus, it gave us some brilliantly charismatic, theatrical villains.
And I believe that the world as it is today, is primed for a Highlander reboot.

When you have characters who can potentially live forever, and lore that spans thousands of years the story possibilities are almost limitless.

And who doesnt love a good sword fight?

Highlander has that thing that hollywood keeps looking for but seldom finds these days: a premise thats simple enough for the audience to easily get into (you’re immortal, but get your head cut off and its game over), but at the same time, the premise allows for great depth and expansion of the franchise into multiple sequels, spin offs and other media, if done correctly.

Yes, I can already hear the groans of some people saying “dammit not another reboot!” But lets face it tv shows and movies could learn a lot from Highlander.

I remember watching UK tv soap operas with my mother and she wasnt too happy when I said her beloved shows would be more interesting if they followed the Highlander TV series model and decapitated a major character at the end of every episode!

Joking aside, I think Highlander is ripe for a revisiting. It has a hero who is postive but also does have a darker edge that would appeal to those who insist on everything being edgy and gloomy these days.

Done right, Highlander could prove a hit not just with nostalgia lovers like me but also find a whole new audience with younger generations too.

What do you think Rob? Is it time for the clan Macleod to return? If so, would you rather see a movie or a TV series?

As always, thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work,
– Liam C.