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Long-time Imagination Connoissuer, Kenny Kraly, wonders if the way the visual/architecural style of the Star Wars films and television shows change between eras makes any sense.

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Dear Robert,

Hey Robert and members of The Post-Geek Singularity. I’m back again with another letter!

For today’s letter, I wanted to talk about Star Wars visual style.

So I was watching Mando Season 1 and all the Star Wars Films recently and noticed how the visual style of Star Wars changed over the course of various media.

For The Prequel Trilogy Era and The Clone Wars, the visual style had an art deco-type of visual style where things where clean and such. Then we get into The Original Trilogy Era and into Rebels which had more of a “used universe” type of style – things were more dirty and had more grit to it.

When we get to The Mandalorian and The Sequel Trilogy Era, it’s back to a mix of the “used universe” type of style with a hint of that art deco type of design.

But did things really change all that much in The Sequel Trilogy Era (in terms of visual style)?

What are your thoughts on this Robert?

Sincerely, longtime watcher/listener,

Kenny Kraly Jr.

Editor’s Note: This letter has been edited for clarity. We also found this interesting video (not included in Kenny’s letter) about the use of architecture in Star Wars story-telling that we thought might provide more information on this subject.


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