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Hollywood Marketing Departments are Bullshit Merchants. I offer two examples.

First is the incredibly successful Deadpool from 2016, an fantastically entertaining movie with Ryan Reynolds perhaps playing the part he was born to play. or at least the version of Deadpool he was meant to play. But it was marketed as the ‘First R-Rated Comic Book Movie’. NAH! Earliest is most likely 27 years previous with 1989’s version of the Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren then in the following year we got Darkman. In fact there were more than 15 R-Rated Comic Book movies and that is not including things such as Japanese Anime.

My second example is 2018’s Black Panther which Marvel & Disney’s Bullshit Merchants were pushing heavily as ‘The First Black Lead Superhero Movie’. Umm… This is so much Bullshit that it is not even the First Marvel Movie with a Black Lead.

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In fact in the early 90s Wesley Snipes wanted to make a Black Panther movie but never got it off the ground so took on the part of Blade, which after delays and re-shoots was finally released in 1998. Snipes was not only chosen for the part of Blade after proving his acting ability and being a martial arts expert. He not only starred in Blade but became a Producer and was the Fight Choreographer for the movie. Snipes actually had similar issues to Bruce Lee where he had to slow down his moves so that the camera could see them.

Well that is two examples of Hollywood Bullshitters. I am feeling rough at the moment as I have an abscess in my mouth which is painful and draining my energies but still decided to write today.