The Imagination Connoisseur known as TheRichard Richard shares some of his out-of-this-world artwork with the rest of the Post-Geek Singularity.


TheRichard Richard’s Bio

I am. Therefore I am, The Richard. I am an artist in every fiber of my being. I appreciate life through the lens of one who acknowledges beauty is every where.

Im a huge film fan, and specialize in making games and art work inspired by the many films which shaped my upbringing.  I specialize in movie poster-sized paintings of my favorite characters.

I had painted before, but in October of 2016, I had an emotional period without end. So I began painting daily. In 2 years, I ended with over 500 paintings, all the size of a movie poster.

I’ve orchestrated and operated several years of my own updated version of Call of Cthulhu. I do all of my own art. One of the pics (below) is something I designed for last year’s campaign.

Think you’re an “imagination conneissour”? Show us.

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