Imagination Connoisseur, Sam Oneill, sends in a picture he took of the Godzilla Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. We heard the accommodations are nice, but watch out if you order “Room Service.”

About Sam:

Sam is a 23 year-old electrician from Brisbane, Australia and says he loves all superhero movies and is a sucker for romantic comedies.

Greg’s Story:

Hi Rob!

Not sure if you remember, but a while back I sent in a message on John’s show (THE JOHN CAMPEA SHOW), saying I stayed in the Godzilla hotel in Japan around the anniversary of GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS last year.

I just found this picture I took and thought you might like it.

– Sam O.

(Editor’s Note: We also found a video tour of the celebrated suite at the Hotel Gracery in Tokyo. The tour is conducted by Max, who writes the Monstrosities blog and is a self-professed Godzilla superfan.)