Imagination Connoisseur, Amir B, is effusive in his praise of the HBO series, SUCCESSION. The series stars BRIAN COX and tracks the lives of the Roy family and the media conglomerate they control.

Hi Rob,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just finished watching the first two seasons of HBO’s SUCCESSION this weekend, and well, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this email to you. This show has to be the greatest thing since chocolate ice cream.

I’m a huge fan of family dramas such as THE SOPRANOS. On top of that, I’m a sucker for stories around corporate greed, deceit, and politics. THE BIG SHORT and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET being two of my favorite movies in the past decade. But Oh…my… God.

With SUCCESSION, the cast and crew have combined two of my favorite genres and added some more. What Jesse Armstrong with McKay’s Gary Sanchez production has brought to HBO is nothing short of a masterpiece. I have not been so enthralled with any show since BREAKING BAD.

It’s a story of greed, family relationships, betrayal, and the center of it a father and son’s relationship. I haven’t been so in love with a group of cast members since THE SOPRANOS.

You know they’re doing an excellent job with their characters when you know all the 10-20 main and side characters’ names, motivation, and history by the end of the first season. If this was real life, I probably would have hated everything this dysfunctional family represents, but my God, I couldn’t look away.

Best writing and acting I’ve seen on TV in years.

Brian Cox is mesmerizing, and Jeremy Strong is on par. I’m in awe about how I didn’t see this show sooner. The show is full of heart, humor, and tension. Every dinner scene is one to remember, from the dinner with Pierce’s to the infamous “Boar on the Floor.”

God bless HBO, Rob. God bless them.

Amir B