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IMDb has published a list of the best shows to watch in 2022. There are 37 of them, including nearly every Star Wars and Marvel show on Disney+, lots of prequels (including STAR TREK: BRAVE NEW WORLDS) and re-makes. Not a lot of originality.

Maybe MATRIX: RESSURECTION has a message that goes beyond the screen and is telling us something about the future of movie-going?

Spider-Man beat Neo at the box office, but with the recent announcement that MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS was the most-pirated movie in the first week of 2022 to go along with the 2.8 million people who watched it via streaming (instead of going to the theater) are we watching the end of the MATRIX franchise or of the traditional importance of the movie theater box office?

Imagination Connoisseur Bob Connolly asks how many fellow fans have seen MOON with Sam Rockwell. Let Bob and the rest of the PGS know what you think on the PGS Facebook page.

The Boys will be back on Amazon soon. We know this because we’ve seen some hysterically off-putting trailers (like this one and this one). It now looks like Season 3 will start on June 3rd (three episodes drop on that day) and that one of the episodes is called “Herogasm” and I’m guessing it’s not because The Seven have a slumber party where they’re watching reruns of Hogan’s Heroes all night. You’ll find more here.

Looking for an audio soundscape of an Irish beach to listen to in the background while you work? Check this out.  You can make your own custom soundscapes here.

On the PGS Facebook page, speculation abounds about the future of Marvel’s Manhattan-based superheroes on Disney+ with the news released on Screenrant that some of the writers for Netflix’s Daredevil and Punisher series are now on-board writing “Echo” for D+.

No one really knew how hard it was to be General Greivous – until now.

Nearly 2,000 OG video games you can now play on your computer. Like you had anything to do … LOL!

This has been around for a while, but as a die-hard Calvin & Hobbes fan and a passable Star Wars fan, I had to share … 😀

Meet “the biggest bug that ever lived.”

I suppose we look for validation wherever we can find it … but in this case, Homer Simpson’s recognition as one of TV’s most “durable” characters was reinforced when the Downtown LA Law Group (DTLA) studied the cost of the injuries Springfield’s unluckiest nuclear power plant operator has sustained over the shows 700+ episodes. Conservative estimates put Homer’s medical bills somewhere north of $140 million. D’oah!

The full back story behind the rise (and eventual fall) of STAR WARS’ General Grievous.

Enquiring minds want to know … what kind of apartment could Peter Parker actually rent in NYC if he wasn’t on the Disney gravy train?

Godzilla and Kong teamed up to take on the pandemic … and won!

There are important lessons to learn from the box office performance of Godzilla vs Kong …. and one is you don’t mess with “zilla.

Do you have movie posters on the walls of your home or apartment? Show ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, folks. Imagination Connoisseur Tom Shotter asked you all very nicely. LOL! (On the PGS Facebook page)

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