The Burnettwork online store is now open for business. New merchandise will be added weekly – and fan faves will be getting a facelift!

The Burnettwork’s online store is now open and ready for business!

After an extended period of having limited merchandise avaialable exclusively on The Burnettwork’s YouTube page, the Post-Geek Singularity can now visit the online store directly and peruse the new apparel, accessories and digital products created exclusively for them.


New stuff every week

“We plan on offering Imagination Connoisseurs and genre entertainment enthusiasts new merchandise every week,” explained Robert Meyer Burnett, host of The Burnettwork’s ROBSERVATIONS chat show. “In fact, our goal is to try and find one ‘shirt-worthy’ quote per show and add it to the store – turning our selection of tees, hoodies and other apparel into a gallery of the imagination, if you will.”

The store will also feature “branded” merchandise for each new show presented on The Burnettwork, starting with ROBSERVATIONS. Plans to add merchandise from ELYSAVIEWS: WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES, LET’S GET PHYSICAL MEDIA and FULLY ARTICULATED are currently in the works.


Imagination Connoisseurs can get in on the fun!

Merchandise is one of the media platforms offered to Imagination Connoisseurs participating in the Content Partner Program offered by The Burnettwork. Profits earned on the sale of merchandise featuring artwork produced by participating partners will be subject to the same 60/40 split allowed for streaming shows, pre-recorded content, podcasts, etc.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what our Content Partners will be able to bring to the merchandise floor,” said Mike Bawden, Burnett’s partner and the one tasked with the responsibility for overseeing day-to-day business operations. “We have some very creative artists in our community and this program gives them more opportunities to express themselves in new and interesting ways.”


Product availability not a problem.

All products are produced on-demand and distributed by Orders are fulfilled based on the shipping address of the person making the order in order to have it reach their doorstep as soon as possible.

For international orders, goods are mostly likely delivered by one of Spring’s print partners in the EU. For domestic orders (orders placed for shipment within the US), the order will most likely ship from Spring’s production facility in Kentucky or one of their other print partners scattered throughout the US.


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