Imagination Connoisseur, John D, shares a Valentine’s weekend story with the Post-Geek Singularity and while we don’t doubt his devotion to his wife, his choice of movies is a little suspect.


Please, please don’t end up saying you hate us…couldn’t live with that!

My wife and I planned a weekend “for Valentine’s Day” but really Saturday + Sunday, stayed at a nice hotel…saw FANTASY ISLAND on Saturday eve (after catching the final two basketball games of their season in town for our local college) and a nice dinner out. The next morning, we caught an early church service + two more movies… SONIC THE HEDGEHOG followed by THE PHOTOGRAPH.

All were good, but I’d rank them 1) THE PHOTOGRAPH, 2) SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and 3) FANTASY ISLAND … oddly enough, my wife rated them in the exact reverse order (but also liked all three.

Ok, so why would you be mad at me? On the drive home, we saw a huge billboard announcing STAR TREK 2: THE WRATH OF KHAN showing at a remodeled theater … I said to my wife “wow, that would be cool to see on the big screen!” And she replied “oh, what’s that?” Lol… once she knew what the title meant, she agreed.

As she was driving, I was able to run a quick internet search to check about tickets/dates…and I then realized it was a special showing attended by WILLIAM SHATTNER with a Q&A!

I then really, really wanted to go…and sadly, found out it was from this weekend! Oh no…we were in town and missed seeing Captain Kirk!

Rob…please don’t be mad at me forever 🙁

– John D