We’ve been impressed with the number of high-quality submissions sent in for our short story contest this year. At the urging of a few authors, we have decided to provide this status report page that lists all of the Authors, their Story Title, and the Status of their Entry.

Please keep in mind, the final deadline for entries is: TBD.

=========== PLEASE NOTE: The short story contest is currently paused until the finishing touches can be put on the film festival (the IICFF). Once that is done, new deadlines will be set for the short story contest and this page will be updated accordingly. Until then, short stories will continue to be accepted for consideration and put into the cue for processing once the revised plan has been put into place. =======

Once we have re-set the deadlines for this contest, we will endeavour to maintain this page by updating it every two or three days. If you have a question regarding the status of your submission, please send us an email.

Name Title 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Kathy McClelland Earth Shattering x
Terry Pennington, Jr. A Place in Heaven x
Michael Weisz Remembered in Red x
Robert Craddock S/ADI:ST x
Tomas Bergström Out of this world x
Robert Craddock Porcus Psychoticus x
Robert Craddock Beware of the Dream Trees x
Terry Pennington, Jr. Abby x
Chris Burbank SephenUP! x
Richard Stock Enter Dr. Salt x
William La Rochelle House and Home x
Terry Pennington, Jr. Alone x
Darell Bystry A Word Beyond the End-Stop of Death x
JD Santibáñez The Typography Professor x
Steve Foley The Fallen x


1 – Entry Received
2 – Entry Pre-Screened
3 – Entry Qualified
4 – Corrected Submission Requested
5 – Corrected Submission Received
6 – Scheduled for Review (starting February 15)
7 – Sent for Review
8 – Reviewed
9 – Ratings Received and Scored
10 – Selected as Finalist
11 – Selected as Grand Prize Winner