Aspiring filmmaker and Imagination Connoisseur, Luke Gosling, writes in to share his geek’s journey and the challenges he’s faced getting his own stories made and into theaters. (We’ve included the trailer at the bottom of this post.)

Good luck, Luke!

Hi Mr Burnett aka The Master of Fun and Wonder.

I’ve been meaning to write in for a long time about so many subjects, but most of my thoughts get covered by the knowledgeable viewers anyway so I thought I’d contribute with something more personal and hopefully inspirational.

I’m a long time listener but first time caller all the way from Lincoln in England, only a stone’s throw from Terry over in Nottingham – now that city is a great night out! I have enjoyed your YouTubing since Heroes and The Burnettwork is my daily go to for insightful movie talk. Also your LotR and Superman documentary work are some of my favourites.

I say staying sane with my tongue firmly in cheek – This is a thank you to you and the post geek singularity community. Many moons ago I trained as a model maker with my main interest being special effects models. While getting my degree at University I build a 1:1 scale replica R2D2, Proton Pack, two Hoverboards and Scaramanga’s Golden Gun (I’ll have to send you a picture). I entered that field because of making of documentaries like yours which gave me a deeper insight into the behind the scenes workings on film and showed me it was a job option I never knew I could achieve after the lacklustre careers advice from school. It pains me that we will most likely lose this supplementary material once physical media is gone (that’s a rant for another day). However, for a number of boring reasons I didn’t pursue it as a profession, but it ignited a dormant creativity within me. Flash forward I hooked up with an old friend of mine and we set up our own production company Bearing 305 Productions (it’s a LOST reference) and began writing and directing short films. Our sci-fi short Athena which was a neat little time loop story played at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. From there we have put our efforts into producing a feature film. At the end of 2018 I quit my job of 12 years (in an unrelated field) to give my passion for storytelling a full time go. With the support of my very understanding wife I have spent the last year polishing some feature scripts and writing a children’s fantasy novel. All this time of sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day trying to write and not go insane like Jack Torrance, I have listened to your excellent show every day and have thoroughly enjoyed the wide ranging, balanced and lively chats.

The imagination connoisseurs have given me much to think about with differing points of view and put films on my radar I never knew I’d love. Their passion along with yours has kept me going in the times when I’m banging my head against the brick wall struggling for some much needed inspiration. So thank you! To wrap up this waffling – on November 5th my debut feature film which I co-wrote/ directed/ produced and financed – a micro budget British indie folk horror film Blood Myth is released in the US on DVD and Streaming. It took 4 years from script to audience, a long process which you’re all too familiar with, with Tango Shalom. Good luck with that by the way and I hope to watch it soon. I’ve by no means made it, but the point of this is, I have gained inspiration from hearing similar stories and hope this gives others the impetus to give it a go.

Me and my filmmaking partner are two small town guys with no connections trying to break into an industry we love, just wanting to tell interesting stories. I just want to say for others who are in a similar position as me trying to chase the dream – believe in yourself, your project and persevere.

Rob, if you’d be so kind to share the trailer to Blood Myth, I feel it might be a film your community would enjoy. You can also follow us @B305Productions or Would love to hear any feedback from those who watch the film.

Hope to join some of you guys in London for Bond 25.

Thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work. Be great to work with you one day. I will be listening tomorrow and the next day and into the future – trying to stave off insanity.

All the best,
– Luke G.