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How did the premier of STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS play for hard-core Trek fans? According to Imagination Connoisseur Eric Gant, it’s not “ideal” – but that may be the point.

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Hello, Rob.

Writing in with some quick thought on STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS (ST:LD) (imdb):

It was O.K.

Not excellent, but not offensive (mostly). Some of the current-day terms and behaviors were a little off-putting, but not objectionable enough to make me turn it off. I also found it remarkably unfunny, considering the fact that it’s being sold as a comedy. The jokes fell flat, but they weren’t as cringe-inducing as I feared they would be.

Despite all of that, I was surprised to find some things that I enjoyed.

Of the last three series we’ve been subjected to lately, this one comes the closest to feeling like Star Trek. I like that it takes place on a ship. I actually kind of liked the overarching story the series seems to be setting up, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that by the end of the episode, the characters had kind of grown on me.

Hell, even the “blast-shields” woman seemed to have more depth and backstory than I expected. I actually kind of look forward to seeing what happens with the crew next.

I do NOT like the ship, however. I won’t go into details about the crazy, nonsensical overall design elements, like requiring the crew to travel THROUGH the nacelles to get to the tiny secondary hull, or the positioning of the deflector. The thing just looks UGLY.

Ironically, the ship’s design is tenuously linked to the only genuine chuckle that the show got from me. During the opening credits, we see the ship approach a battle involving the Borg, take a hit to the shields, and then immediately turn and flee. In that instant, a tiny chuckle escaped my lips, and I suddenly understood why the ship’s name is emblazoned on the REAR of the primary hull instead of the front. It’s so that other ships can read it as the Cerritos runs away.

This ship, and her crew, are FAR from the ideal for Starfleet. Despite this, I think there still MIGHT be some potential here. I’m not completely sold yet, but I haven’t written it off yet either.

A final thought: In a way, this series owes a LOT to STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and STAR TREK: PICARD. If it weren’t for lowered expectations, Lower Decks probably wouldn’t have a chance of winning me over.