Imagination Connoisseur, Dean Micetich, bemoans the loss of the strong, moral and optimistic backbone that made classic Star Trek what it was. Unique. But today’s Trek seems to be lacking that core and has become hard to recognize.

(edited for clarity)

Hi Rob and the PGS,

Star Trek is my favorite franchise of all time, This was a franchise that grabbed my attention at a young age and kept me return to it. I have seen every episode of each series (from STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES (ST:TOS) all the way though to ENTERPRISE (ST:ENT)), and all the movies (from ST:TMP to ST:X) so many times I can no longer count how many times I have watched them.

Star Trek has shown me morality tales, given me inspiration and hope that the human race can be better than it is. I like to think that this franchise has shaped me into a better person. You could say that it almost taken on a religious status to me. Now I know it not a religion but growing up in a catholic family and having to go church each Sunday as a child.

I found that the Bible and Star Trek have a lot in common. From providing morality tales teaching you right from wrong to stories that inspire hope that we can be better and turn our world into a paradise where no one is homeless and there is no hunger.

In the world of Star Trek, hatred between people just because they are different is long gone. Put simply, the basic messages from the Bible and other religious text and Star Trek up to 2005 are the same.

You asked the other day, what people thought of the current Star Trek Shows. I don’t like them, where is the hope that humanity can be better? Where is the trust and respect not just for ourselves but for the people around us? Where is the inspiration? What is the morality tale these people are trying to tell?

All I am seeing from these shows is hatred and despair and putting people down. These shows are not Star Trek, but something else with the Star Trek name slapped on.

I can let my children site down and watch ST:TOS without being worried they will be exposed to something that is not suitable for them. But I can’t say the same for current Star Trek. Why does current Star Trek need the gore (decapitation, eyes being ripped out of heads) and foul language?

Star Trek has used them in the past and done it far better while still be suitable for the whole family. Kirk swearing in the 80s in STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME (ST:IV), or Data saying “Shit” as the saucer of the Enterprise D is knocked into a planet. Both of these occasions were used for comedy effect. While the gore in classic Trek was done for the shock value, but it was done in a way that young teens at least could watch.

The Borg-refraction of the Enterprise E crew in First Contact was quite shocking or the killing of Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick in the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (ST:TNG) episode “Conspiracy”.

But when Trek did use the gore for a story it was few and far between. When “Conspiracy” was shown in rerun in the UK on SKY, it was broadcasted twice on the day. Once at 17:00 (5 pm) and edited with most of the gore cut out so that it was suitable for young viewer and again at 22:00 (10 pm) unedited.

I recently saw Michael Chabon answer a few question about Picard. When he answered about the swearing, he said that they could not do it on classic Trek because of censorship on TV, otherwise they would have. As they are on a streaming service, they don’t have this problem. Also, swearing has been with humanity all though time and will continue in the 24th Century.

I won’t disagree with that last part of that statement, it true. It is unlikely humans will ever stop swearing as we use it as a form of expression. But it still does not belong in Star Trek. The rest of his answer is just pure B.S. and so the rest of his answers to the other questions.

I understand Star Trek needs to change with the times. ST:TNG and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE (ST:DS9) did this very well. But the people currently running Star Trek, do not understand what Star Trek is. They don’t understand who their audience is or where their audience came from. They want to bring in new viewer, but the way they are going about it is driving the fans away.

We will never see the audience figures for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY (ST:DISC) and STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD) are on the streaming services. But where it is broadcast in Canada (both shows) and E4 in the UK (ST:DISC after being shown first on Netflix), you can see that both shows have had their viewing figures drop and drop fast.

When it started in Canada, ST:PICARD had a 1.8 million viewers. After the fourth episode, the audience had dropped to 1.4 million. After what we saw in the fifth episode, I am sure that number is going to drop again. So, what they are doing is not really bringing in that new audience.

Can you honestly say that ST:DISC and ST:PICARD have the re-watchability factor? For me, the answer is a hard NO. I tried to re-watch ST:DISC to see if there is something I like, but I had to turn it off. With what I’m seeing of ST:PICARD, I have no interest in re-watching it as it make my blood boil with disgust.

If someone turned around to me asked me if I wanted to watch two of the worst episodes of Trek up to 2005 (STAR TREK: VOYAGER episode “Threshold” and ST:ENT episode “These are the Voyages”), I would say “yes.” Not because they are not current Trek, but because even in these two worst episodes, I can still find something enjoyable about them.

I can’t say the same for the current shows.

Going back to religion, the current people behind Star Trek are like religious zealots that have misread the religious text and are now twisting it to suit their point of view. I hope that one day, someone can come in a correct the damage that is being done and Star Trek can get back to what it is: Hope for a better Tomorrow. Inspiration. Morality Tales. And most importantly, just fun entertainment.

Live Long and Prosper Rob and the PGS.
– Dean M