Imagination Connoisseur, Joe Fawley, takes his time to give us a run-down of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG in his latest PGS Review.

Greetings Robert and the fine ladies and gentlemen of the Post Geek Singularity.

Last time, I wrote in about my experience with BIRDS OF PREY, now I finish up my double feature movie review with SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!

I’ve been a life-long Sonic fan. My earliest memories are playing “Sonic 2” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Hyperstone Heist” on Sega Genesis.

As a fan, the journey into this movie was a roller coaster. When first announced, I exploded with excitement and possibility. After the first trailer, I lost all hope entirely. I hated the design and the feel of the movie. It reminded me of Alvin and the Chipmunks live action and my hype for the movie became non-existent.

Then came the announcement of the re-design and while I truly applaud Paramount for stepping in to fix the problem, I still couldn’t muster up much excitement. Good reviews came in soon after and my interest was piqued, yet I was still skeptical.

However, as a hardcore fan I am happy to report, I walked out of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG with a big ol’ smile on my face. The dedication to the source material cannot be ignored. They took their time to learn about the world of Sonic and how to adapt it correctly.

From beginning to end this felt like an origin story for both Sonic and Dr. Robotnic. A true prequel to everything we know about the video games. I love how they’ve decided to ease us into the Sonic lore. We’ll meet more of his friends and enemies as the adventures go on. Too much too soon would’ve scared off casual viewers. This is also a smart way to save money at the start.

Personally, I think they hit paydirt when they cast Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnic. Even in the trailers I could tell he would be a great fit. He took a two-dimensional character and made him a key highlight of the movie. A bit over the top? Sure. But Eggman has always been that way.

This film is a huge win for me but I do have a few nitpicks I’d like to discuss.

First. I believe Sonic thrives best at a PG-13 rating. Darker storylines like Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, and Chaos the god of destruction are better suited in a more mature rating. However, they decided to go with the PG rating and so far, it’s working for me, aside from some kid humor. In my opinion Sonic is above a fart joke. But it is what it is.

Secondly, what happened to the sound design? In the trailer when Sonic preformed the spin dash they used the same exact sound effect from the game. The same goes when he collects rings, they replace the iconic sound effects in favor for something more subtle and realistic ones.

They are magical rings. They should be able to make a magical sound when picked them up. Nothing about this movie is realistic. You might as well dive all in. These tiny details could’ve added to my fun immensely but if small sound design quirks are my biggest complaint for a Sonic movie then consider me a happy man.

I also think it would’ve been cool if they somehow hired Crush 40 to do a song. They were known for giving sonic awesome rock and roll themes during the gamecube era, such as Live and Learn, Open Your Heart, and Sonic Heroes. These songs were a big part of my childhood and I would’ve loved to see a new simular theme but I digress.

I have theories on where they are going for the next installment but in order to talk about them I’ll have to mildly spoil Dr. Robotnic’s fate in the movie. Guess what, Sonic defeats him… With the reveal of Mushroom Hill Zone, the place we were first introduced to Knuckes the Echinda back in Sonic 3, I strongly believe this suggests that Dr. Robotnic will discover the Master Emerald and it’s protector, Knuckles. Which means the second movie will most likely focus on the seven chaos emeralds which fills me with geeky glee.

I’m unsure if they will keep Sonic on Earth despite him finally finding a home. With Dr. Robotnic now stuck in Sonic’s world, I wonder if they’ll take the same route as the video game where Robotnic enslaves Sonic’s animal friends, turning them into robots. This would give Sonic a reason to go back to the home we all know and with a bigger budget I think this would work out well.

Would this idea be too dark for kids though? Only time will tell. Again, they should’ve went PG-13, but oh well. I predict Sonic’s human friend will join him in the 2nd movie and maybe in a later installment return to earth for the Chaos storyline.

This is a franchise with huge potential and I’m glad they sped out of the gate strong. I’ll be fascinated to see what effect the success of the film has on the gaming side of the franchise. I also wonder what this means for video game movies?

First TOMB RAIDER, then DETECTIVE PIKACHU, and now SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Are video game movies on a roll? I hope it continues onto the sequel. But for now I’m truly happy to have enjoyed a good sonic story which is something I haven’t been able to experience in a long time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Stay fast my friends.

Your friend from Chicago,
– Joe F.

P.S. Do you think we’ll ever get a cut with the nightmare fuel Sonic design? While watching I couldn’t help but think about it.

Joe Fawley