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Frequent contributor and Imagination Connoisseur, Omar 94, writes in to ask about how “behind the scenes” drama can affect a production.

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Hi Rob,

A number of movies have become victim of behind the scenes drama or studio interference, often causing budgets to go up, schedules to go on longer, scripts constantly changing, and sometimes even cast and crew being replaced.

Tango & Cash went through so many rewrites, directors and cinematographers changed during shooting, and the budget went up by $20 million.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four and David Fincher’s Alien 3 were victims of studio interference, with both filmmakers disowning the movies after they released.

The Last Boy Scout went through production hell, as Shane Black kept rewriting the script, and Joel Silver was described as insane on the set, with Tony Scott really hating Silver, and causing problems when it came to editing the film, as Scott had a reputation of filming excessive coverage with several cameras.

According to John McTiernan, Last Action Hero suffered from too much drama behind the scenes, also adding there was very little post production time as the movie was slated to release several weeks after shooting finished.

Both Steven Spielberg’s Hook and James Cameron’s Titanic went over schedule and over budget.

Kevin Reynolds’ Waterworld, with Kevin Costner, went through hell, as there were so many rewrites and drafts of the script, the budget went really high up, and there were production setbacks.

I don’t know what exactly goes on behind the scenes, since I don’t work in the industry, but the saying is true, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”.

Thanks, live long and prosper.