So LOWER DECKS is fun … but is it STAR TREK?

And so I decided to give Lower Decks a go and… Mmm… What can we say?

Well the main ship, the California Class, USS Cerritos looks awful, quite possibly the worst, most illogical ship designs ever in Star Trek. The Parliament class USS Vancouver looked really good though, despite appearing in only one episode.

Star Trek: Lower Decks “Hit and Run”

The stories are silly, the animation is far too cartoonish. Two of the people working on the series were part of the team that created Rick & Morty and you can see that.

It looks and feels more like Rick & Morty or Futurama than it does Star Trek. The Star Trek references feel like they are crow-barred in a desperate attempt to remind the viewer that it is Star Trek.

It is a reasonably fun series from what I have seen so far but it is NOT Star Trek.

I don’t have a problem with their being an animated Star Trek, I enjoyed the original Star Trek Animated Series. I still think the best idea would be going darker and have an animated Star Trek series in a similar style to the Batman animated series.

But we have what we have, its fun but it ain’t no Star Trek.

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