Pop your cork and stay a while – welcome to WINE-ning About Movies

Join co-hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Elysabeth Gwendolyn Belle as they sit back and re-cap their favorite movies as they “de-cap” a bottle of their favorite wine. A great watch with a spouse or a drinking buddy, ELYSAVIEWS: WINE-ning About Movies is fun, informative and hangover-free (well, maybe not entirely).


This Harmonica plays a sad tune. (W.A.M. #117)

Perennial good guy, Henry Fonda, plays against type in what’s often considered to be the last great Western of American cinema, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Join Rob and Elysabeth as they pair Fonda’s steely-blue gaze with a fine glass of wine and commentary.

Not your average trip to the mall. (W.A.M. #111)

Not your average trip to the mall. (W.A.M. #111)

The sequel to the nightmarish NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is a classic mash-up of 70s horror with over-the-top comedy and a bad hair day at the mall. Join co-hosts Elysabeth Gwendolyn Belle and Robert Meyer Burnett as hack, slash, bite and gnash their way through this wildly entertaining film.