The last time Imagination Connoisseur, John D., wrote to the show, he asked for forgiveness for skipping a Q&A with William Shatner and taking his wife to see SONIC THE HEDGEHOG instead. This time, he explains the method to his madness.

(edited for clarity)


I wrote you the other day to “not hate me”, but seems like you ended up “throwing hate my way”…for the wrong reason? ;(

I was referring to “hate” for being in the town where STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (ST:TWOK) and William Shatner Q&A (but missing it). Instead, you turned the “hate” on me for “making my wife sit through those three movie choices”? (FANTASY ISLAND, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and THE PHOTOGRAPH)

How could you Rob? I’m un-subbing you, leaving forever….

A little more into “us” (if you care, and I bet you do ;):

We are both A-List members, and have been since the very first day! So, we typically see every single movie that comes out (which isn’t rated R…yes, I’m “that” former letter writer!) and we’d seen everything else…these were just “the next ones up”!

BTW, you were probably just having fun with the topic but…especially for you, I do I highly recommend a look at THE PHOTOGRAPH …an auteur like yourself might quite enjoy it!

As a nice thing for my wife, I always handle the movie reservations. It makes things easier for her (she’s much less “tech friendly” than myself) but also… she actually goes into almost every movie BLIND! No, I don’t make her wear a blindfold… I mean she’s surprised by almost every one, until it starts playing…and she’ll usually say “Oh, it’s that one!”

Doing this helps to build the excitement, even for “lower profile” movies! In fact, it usually works for all but the super-blockbuster movies…cuz there’s too much buzz around them and she’d find out another way anyhow.

I hope this gets me off your “naughty list”? I’d have explained more the first time around, but didn’t want to get my letter “too long to read” and… even though I do hold a PhD in Mathematics for many years – (like our beloved Willow Yang will soon hold in Molecular Biology, I believe) – I didn’t think I was anywhere near that status to think I could “write a letter of any length, and you’d still read it”! LOL!

We love you Rob, and my wife/I love to say along with you each time “…the show about something” and”…have a better day”!

– John D.