On Valentine’s Day, the Imagination Connoisseur known as Jet Screamer writes to share his love for the warm reception he’s received in the Post-Geek Singularity.

It bothers me when people call you (all) racist, sexist, etc. Just because you are honest in your criticism.

I’ve been around all of you for a long time. No one has been these things in front of me.
In fact, you have all been very kind, and encouraging. Most of you know my story of abuse, and mental illness from Twitter. You have accepted me into the fold. Prompted me to tell my story. To improve my writing and learning.

There have been current Trek fans I feel have been very cold, and Intolerant. I won’t go on. That’s not my purpose.

My purpose is to speak well of you all, at a time when those look to “cancel” you – and also to express my gratitude.

I love your show.
– Jet Screamer (aka Mark)