How do we handle spoiler-y discussions on social media?

We’ve had the issue of spoilers leaking in chat streams and social media posts from time to time and so we asked members of the Post-Geek Singularity for their advice as to how those problems should be handled.

Thanks to all of you Imagination Connoissuers who offered your suggestions and helping us to create this procedure for keeping spoilers to a minimum for new movies and episodic works (like TV shows or streaming series).

Here’s how we’ll proceed …

For Movies

On Facebook, we will create master posts for upcoming features (movies) where people can speculate and post spoilers to their hearts’ content until one week after the debut of the feature. After that, those posts will be shut down and people are free to create their own posts. Please include a SPOILER ALERT at the top of the post if you are including any information (like key plot points) that might be considered spoilers so people who don’t want to have the movie spoiled for them can skip over your post until after they’ve seen the movie.

Once the film has finished its run in the theater (or 6 weeks after its debut, whichever comes first), spoiler tags are no longer needed on your posts.

If you want to discuss an upcoming feature that we don’t currently have a master discussion post for, let us know.

For TV Shows/Streaming Series

The rules are much the same. Master discussion posts will be created for upcoming shows and people can post away. That master post will remain open for three days after the debut of the series. As mentioned above, if there’s a series or show you would like to talk about that isn’t covered by an existing master, discussion post, let us know and we’ll get one up right away.

After that, you guys can create posts to your hearts’ content, just include the SPOILER ALERT tag at the top of the post. Once the series has concluded, spoiler tags are no longer needed.

In the case where the entire series is dropped at once, we will treat the release like a film and require SPOILER ALERT tags for six weeks following the drop date.

We reserve the right to remove posts that violate these guidelines and to modify the guidelines as needed.

As always, if you feel you or your post has been treated unfairly, you can always send us a note directly through The Burnettwork website.


Want to talk spoilers? Here’s where you can go.

For Imagination Connoisseurs who want to propose theories, share insider information, brag about their spoilers, etc., here is a list of current master, discussion posts on our Post-Geek Singularity group on Facebook.

We’ll update this list every week. If you have a feature or a series you’d like to have added to our list, let us know.

Open through 11/29

21 Bridges

Frozen II

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Open through 12/6

Knives Out

Open through 12/13

The Aeronauts

Little Joe

Open through 12/20

Jumanji: The Next Level

Black Christmas

Open through 12/23


Open through 12/27



Open through 01/26/20

Star Trek: Picard

Open through 05/05/20

Falcon and Winter Soldier